February 17, 2010


I urge all to go to this link and listen:

This should concern anyone and everyone who is familiar with the writings of Iain Murray and/or who has thoughtfully read "Evangelicalism Divided". Murray's statements are being pulled out of context and he is being misrepresented to support one man's personal agenda.

Does anyone read anymore? Does anyone hold a man accountable if he should misrepresent the statements of another? This is scary stuff. It is one thing to encourage Christians to be discriminating regarding doctrine and to examine themselves to see if they are in the faith. It is an all together different thing being promoted by this man. There is a difference between false teachers and weak confused genuine believers.

I am trusting the Lord that the parties whom I have contacted, to make them aware of this, will set the record straight.


G. N. Barkman said...

I have read most of Murray's books, including "Evangelicalism Divided" which I read many years ago. I don't think MacArthur has misrepresented him at all. I have talked personaly to Murray, and know he has a high regard for MacArthur, has preached at MacArthur's church, and greatly appreciates MacArthur's ministry.

Please don't let your disagreement with MacArthur's Dispensationalsim, which I share, color your appreciation for one of America's great Biblical preachers and Christian leaders.

TruthMatters said...

Thank you for your comment and for your concern. I don't believe that I am allowing anything to color my appreciation of this gifted and brilliant man.

After re-reading the sections of the book that the quotes were being drawn from, and the last chapter in its entirey, I am even more convinced that Murray's statements were being twisted from their original meaning.

If Iain Murray, after listening to the audio file, has no issue with it, I will feel much better and I will accept that it is I who have misread Murray.

Please be assured, that I do tend to stay objective and have benefited greatly by the teaching and preaching of men who I have major differences with.

However, when I hear something that does not ring true or if I feel someone is misrepresenting something or someone, I will do the study and research and then confront it. I hope that others do the same for me.

Thanks again for your comment. I also enjoy hearing from you.

G. N. Barkman said...

Fair enough. Do you have anyone of knowing if Murray agrees with the MacArthur audio?

TruthMatters said...

I do have a few contacts at Banner of Truth and one at the Puritan Reformed Seminary from years back. I have simply asked them to make sure that Iain is aware of this audio blog and that he listen to it for himself.

As I mentioned, if (after hearing it) he has no problems with it, great! I will let you know the outcome.

G. N. Barkman said...

But in the meantime, before receiving any response from Murray, you continue to criticize MacArthur upon the assumption that your assessment of the situation is correct, and that Murray does not agree with MacArhur's statements? Hmmm...

TruthMatters said...

Murray states, "We too readily form parties behind men in forgetfulness of the direction, One is your teacher, the Christ, and you are all brethern (Matt 23:8). Because an eminent Christian is evidently right in some things, or owned of God in his work, we are liable to take him as the leader in all things and to treat any who disagree as opponents."

Do you feel that Dr. MacArthur is above criticism?

G. N. Barkman said...

Absolutely not. I have criticised him myself at times. But to proceed with criticism based upon your understanding of Murray, before you have confirmation that Murray considers MacArthur's statements to be a contradaction of Murray's beliefs, seems a bit presumpteous, don't you think?

TruthMatters said...

Thank you once again for your comment. Please understand that my concerns go way beyond this one little audio blog. Only time will tell if those concerns are even valid. I pray that they are not.

I have since learned that this audio blog "Ready To Discriminate" was simply a repackaged excerpt from a message delivered in 2000. The entire message can be read here:


To quote Murray once again, he warns that "The History of the new evangelicalism has shown how difficult it is to remedy the faults of one position without falling into dangers at an opposite extreme. " It is my opinion (and am I not entitled to one?) that much of the most recent teaching coming out of GTY is falling into dangerous extremes in their attempt to remedy the problem; bringing many with it; and is opening the door to a kind of "neo-fundamentalism".

I will leave it at that.

Again - I do appreciate your comments.

G. N. Barkman said...

Poor MacArthur. He get's criticised by Fundemantalists for not being a Fundamentalist, and by others for being a "neo-fundamentalist." (Whatever that is.) To old-line Fundamentalists, a "neo-fundamentlist" is one of those young guys from a fundamentalist background who has become a Calvinist (perish the thought!) and is sympathetic with the likes of MacArthur, Piper, Sproul, Dever, etc. (I would probably be called a neo-fundamntalists, except for my age.)

TruthMatters said...

You made me laugh. Don't you just hate those who are "ready to discriminate" because of age. :-)

I must get on with the chores of the day. Blessings to you.