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Just a few more a working shower!

As promised, the following are some "after" pictures.  We have moved everything in and organized most of our things.  We still have several all day projects, like replacing the diverter valve and the washers in the shower.  Currently no functioning shower; but, I can always take a bath until we can get this done.  Yuck!

No time to write.  Just enough time to post a few pictures:

Bedroom - Notice the TV that plays VHS - Really Modern stuff in a 1964 House - (smiling)

Michael at his desk preparing for Sunday's Sermon

Looking out from the Kitchen into the Living Room

Temporary Patio - Hope to build a small, screened in Platform Patio in a few months

Looking into the hallway


My Favorite Room

The Breakfast Bar

The entry way - Looking in through the Sliding glass front door!
and clearly - Monkey is back to normal!


Vicky Daters said…
You have done an amazing job! That is a beautiful space!!!
This is just amazing!! I've never seen so much style in a mobile home. What a great place!!
Dianna Wood said…
Thanks Vicky and Tricia! Such encouraging words for this tired old lady!
Gnarly Ink said…
Wow! Everything looks amazing. I love all the words and quotes scattered throughout the rooms. Very nice work, Dianna!

Terri Fadder said…
Such a BEAUTIFUL job, Theres just something special about a little house/camper/trailer that makes it feel like home. Sure I love to see all the huge homes and mansions from the street. But I wouldnt want the life inside. My husb and I raised 4 children in a tiny 2 bedroom 1 bath and we were very close and at home. I loved that house. But with my hus paralysis, it wouldnt work. We had to have something a bit bigger for his handicap. Its not the same. It feels so empty and lonely, a problem we never had b4.
God Bless You and all your hard work, the Love radiates from all youve done.
Im only confused about 1 small detail. In the kitchen there are 6 baskets in the wall, but another picture, there were 6 cookie jars. Which one did you choose? Both looked Beautiful! Thank You for Sharing.
Dianna Wood said…
Terri, What a sweet comment. We look at life as seasons. So happy to hear your life is also filled with different seasons.

I went with the baskets initially, until I unpacked my jars and found that they fit. I was so happy because there was no counter space and I really used them a lot in my apartment.

Thanks agin for popping in and leaving such a sweet message.

Hugs - Dianna
Anonymous said…
Dianna..I am also living in an older mobile home and have started fixing up different rooms. I can't believe what you were able to accomplish with your place...It looks so great...<3 what you did to the floor. And the colors you picked look amazing. Wish I had the money and the time to do something like this with my place. (Would help if I had someone to help with the work Great work...<3
Crikey, Dianna, you are a woman (and man) after my own heart! Your incredible resourcefulness and practical but beautiful projects are right in my creative sweet spot. The hubs keeps exclaiming, "This looks like something you would do!" Unlike all the design and decor and diy shows/blogs in existence, your budget solutions are both awesome and affordable. And, you've energized me to be more attentive to my own blog. Kudos and thumbs up to you both! Ann from
Dianna Wood said…
Thanks Ann - What a delightful and encouraging comment. I'm heading over to your blog now.
Anonymous said…
Didn't know an old one could look this good! Amazing job. I'd pick that over a house any day. SO what is the size of the home (length and width)?
Dianna Wood said…
Hi! Michael Wood here. Thanks for popping in. Our mobile home is ten feet wide by fifty-two feet long.
Anita Kay said…
Love Love Love your space!! You're are talented and blessed! Blog love from Alabama :)
Dianna Wood said…
Thanks for popping in and leaving such a sweet comment!
Marie said…
I feel inspired by you wall art on the patio . . . I have a comfortable screened in back porch I so enjoy and would so much more so using your idea! A watchful eye is now set for for the just right design for this space! Thank you for sharing!

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