April 22, 2014

The New "Oven"!

Anyone who has been following our progress knows that we had to remove the built in "Wedgewood" oven that was 50+ years old and won't be able to afford a replacement for quite sometime.      Many of you asked how we live without an oven.

While I was hiding electrical cords with white conduit strips, Michael fired up the (never been used before) little grill that I had stored for 8 years.  Deni had dropped it off last weekend and frankly it intimidated me.  I love grilling; but have only done so "old-school" fashion and this was some stainless steel thing that used propane.

This was dinner tonight!

After the first bite, it was clear that we can survive just fine without an oven at least through Spring and Summer!  Marinated Tri-Tip Steak, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, potato salad and organically grown tomatoes with oil and vinegar.

Here is our new little oven.  I half-way expected to hear, "Danger Wil Robinson".  But, after eating dinner, I decided that it well worth the risk!


Susan said...

Thank you for sharing your home transformation. It is beautiful! My favorites are the living room floor and the countertop on the bar. Also, believe it or not, your sinks and tub color is neat, in my opinion.

Dianna Wood said...

Hi Susan - Thanks so much for popping in and for your sweet words. I am getting used to the sink and tub color. I guess you would have had to see it with the apricot accents that used to be there. Oh boy - clash city!

nancy carlson said...

Will Robinson would have been right at home next to your grill.
I do envy you your ability to have fences. Our park doesn't allow them. Oh well. I can take your 'word' fettish and add to my 'Grace' on the wall. I like the idea just fine! Thanks!

Dianna Wood said...

Thanks for popping in Nancy - So wonderful to find another Mobile Home gal! I love what you have done with yours.

Grace to You!