April 1, 2014

Yes, we are still at it!

Moving is difficult enough when one is moving into a new house or apartment that is "ready" to occupy; but, moving when you must first tear just about everything out and start from scratch is another thing all together.

We closed on March 8th and have invested every free moment in making the house "live-able".  I took Monday and Tuesday off in order to make our move-out date of April 15th.  We had been spending so much time at the new house, that we had not had time to pack the stuff in our apartment.  Plus, we had scheduled to move all the big furniture (accept the bed which is staying until the last minute) on Tuesday; but with the rain we knew we had better move it on Monday or it would not get moved.

So Saturday, Monday & Tuesday were 15 hour, non-stop, days.  Our apartment is pretty much packed.  We are now facing carrying down a flight of stairs over 70 boxes.  Here is our apartment as of Tuesday night.

We were not able to fit the Oak Table in the last trip.  We will move that this weekend.
 Status on the house:

I decided to carry the "Word" theme throughout the house.  I printed the letters out on 8 1/2 X 11 paper; covered the entire page (one letter per page) with packing tape; Cut the letters out; and then covered the back with two sided tape.  I then stuck them on the wall; masked off my border; and painted black over them.  Once the painting was done; I peeled the letters off the wall revealing the original wall color underneath.

Here's the bathroom and the closet door in the bedroom, which you can see down the hall.  Love that!

We built shelves to replace the pull out wooden hampers.  I might be able to live with that sink color after seeing how the baskets and matted pictures tie the color in.

We decided to put Michael's desk in the kitchen and frame in the kitchen widow with the hutch.  This will allow him to read and study without staring at a wall and also made better utilization of space.  Since we were creating a breakfast bar; we decided we would not need a kitchen table and could simply use the breakfast bar for eating meals.

Glass Top Breakfast Bar - That's a story for another time!...and, Michael's Desk Hutch
Bottom Line - Things are finally coming together and we should be able to move our boxed stuff in and start unpacking.  There are still a few projects that need to be completed; but most can be accomplished after we are living there.

Here's the living room with most of our furniture in. 

Now to the actual move!  Boxes, unpacking, organizing, arranging, etc.!  I will post again after everything is unpacked and arranged.

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