April 23, 2014

And what exactly is this?

Is this awesome or what?  I spent the evening, (approximately 5 hours) experimenting with something I read about on hometalk.com  It starts with a paste made with Vinegar and Baking soda.  You rub it on, let it sit for a bit, scrub and rinse.

The acid in the vinegar and the baking soda combine to cut through lime, calcium, hard water spots and soap scum.  The above picture is actually a close-up of our incredible wire glass shower doors in our 1964 Mobile Home.  With all the renovating we have done, I thought it was high time I actually clean the shower doors.  I was blown away by the quality of glass, the construction of the frame and the wonderful wire mesh that is inside the glass.

I still have some scrubbing to do.  Just wish I had known about baking soda and vinegar, 30+ yars ago.  I have spent most of my life, using products that simply can not stand up to this simply solution of vinegar and baking soda.

So glad  we didn't replace the doors.  They are going to be stunning!

Look at that 50+ Year old shine!

April 22, 2014

The New "Oven"!

Anyone who has been following our progress knows that we had to remove the built in "Wedgewood" oven that was 50+ years old and won't be able to afford a replacement for quite sometime.      Many of you asked how we live without an oven.

While I was hiding electrical cords with white conduit strips, Michael fired up the (never been used before) little grill that I had stored for 8 years.  Deni had dropped it off last weekend and frankly it intimidated me.  I love grilling; but have only done so "old-school" fashion and this was some stainless steel thing that used propane.

This was dinner tonight!

After the first bite, it was clear that we can survive just fine without an oven at least through Spring and Summer!  Marinated Tri-Tip Steak, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, potato salad and organically grown tomatoes with oil and vinegar.

Here is our new little oven.  I half-way expected to hear, "Danger Wil Robinson".  But, after eating dinner, I decided that it well worth the risk!

April 13, 2014

Just a few more projects...like a working shower!

As promised, the following are some "after" pictures.  We have moved everything in and organized most of our things.  We still have several all day projects, like replacing the diverter valve and the washers in the shower.  Currently no functioning shower; but, I can always take a bath until we can get this done.  Yuck!

No time to write.  Just enough time to post a few pictures:

Bedroom - Notice the TV that plays VHS - Really Modern stuff in a 1964 House - (smiling)

Michael at his desk preparing for Sunday's Sermon

Looking out from the Kitchen into the Living Room

Temporary Patio - Hope to build a small, screened in Platform Patio in a few months

Looking into the hallway


My Favorite Room

The Breakfast Bar

The entry way - Looking in through the Sliding glass front door!
and clearly - Monkey is back to normal!

April 10, 2014

The Mattress, the "Monkey" and the Meltdown

As much as one attempts to organize and schedule; sometimes things just don't work out the way we plan.  We had earlier in the month successfully moved three, seven foot high, solid oak book cases and two solid oak desks down the skinny flight of stairs.  So, how hard could it be to move a mattress and a "Monkey"?

Well, Monday after work was the scheduled day to find out.  This was the first afternoon move that we had scheduled.  Every other move occurred between 6:30 and 8:30 in the cool of the morning.   I had no idea how much that mattered.  It was over 85 degrees when I got to the apartment at 4:30 p.m.

It was not only hot; but, I had put in a full day at the office and was tired.  As we attempted to move a queen size mattress down the skinny stairs, a few yellow jackets decided to check things out.  So here I was contending with a very awkward and heavy mattress, walking backwards down the stairs, while trying not to get stung!   Did I mention that I am allergic to wasps and bee stings?

We made it to the bottom of the stairs with the mattress and were able to get it loaded into the truck.  In the meantime, I had put "Monkey" into the large crate in preparation for the big move.  He is an indoor cat and has not ventured out of the apartment in over three years so we were not sure just what kind of a traveler he would be.

Michael took one side of the crate and I took the other.  As we descended  the flight of stairs, not a peep came out of Monkey and I said, "Wow!  Look at that!  This may go really well.  You are such a good kitty!"

Once all was loaded and ready to go:  Deni in her truck with the big stuff; Michael in his car with the rest of the boxes; and, me in the Avalon with Monkey; we hit the road to Rancho Cordova.  I had Michael put the crate in the back seat with the opening facing the driver's seat so that I could keep my eye on him.  Things seemed to be going well for the first few minutes.  Then, Monkey started screaming!  Sounds came out of that animal that I had never heard before and I had no clue how to calm him down.  I would glance back and say, "It's okay Monkey.  Every things going to be all right."   Nothing seemed to quiet him.  His little chest was heaving and he was screaming.  I turned on the radio and the music seemed to calm him for about 2 minutes and then he started screaming again.

My nerves at this point were completely frayed.  Although it was only a nine mile trip, every second felt like an hour.  Then all of a sudden he stopped screaming. "Yeah!"  I thought, until I glanced back and saw him staring into space with his mouth wide open and not a sound coming from him!  It was as if he was having a Grand Mall seizure!

That was it!  I was done!  Now what?  My cat (I am not a cat person) was dying and there was nothing I could do to help help.  I decided to pull around Deni and get to the house as quickly as possible.   Then the screaming started again.  This was a good thing!  At least he was breathing!   So, the trip was a constant back and forth of screaming and then staring with glazed eyes and a mouth held wide open in total silence with chest heaving.  At every light I would glance back and start crying hysterically.

By the time we arrived, all I wanted to do was get Money into the house.  I did not want to unpack the truck or the car, I wanted a cold beer!

Of course, neither Michael or Deni, had any idea of what had transpired in my car and the fact that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  I was hot, tired, and emotionally exhausted!  This was the worst day of the entire two month project!  I was certain that Monkey had suffered permanent brain damage and would never be the same.

Needless to say, I lost it!  I broke down!   Poor Michael had never seen this side of me in the four years that we have been married.  He has only known me to be a "Cowboy Up!" kind of person.

Well - we all got through it and both Michael and Deni still love me and Monkey survived.  I later discovered that cats have an extra sensory gland inside their mouths and so the open mouth and blank stare was Monkey's way of trying to gain more information from the environment as to what was going on!

Yep - we packed up Monkey and the Mattress and moved them on Monday and they both survived.  Hey - even I am now back to semi-normal!


April 1, 2014

Yes, we are still at it!

Moving is difficult enough when one is moving into a new house or apartment that is "ready" to occupy; but, moving when you must first tear just about everything out and start from scratch is another thing all together.

We closed on March 8th and have invested every free moment in making the house "live-able".  I took Monday and Tuesday off in order to make our move-out date of April 15th.  We had been spending so much time at the new house, that we had not had time to pack the stuff in our apartment.  Plus, we had scheduled to move all the big furniture (accept the bed which is staying until the last minute) on Tuesday; but with the rain we knew we had better move it on Monday or it would not get moved.

So Saturday, Monday & Tuesday were 15 hour, non-stop, days.  Our apartment is pretty much packed.  We are now facing carrying down a flight of stairs over 70 boxes.  Here is our apartment as of Tuesday night.

We were not able to fit the Oak Table in the last trip.  We will move that this weekend.
 Status on the house:

I decided to carry the "Word" theme throughout the house.  I printed the letters out on 8 1/2 X 11 paper; covered the entire page (one letter per page) with packing tape; Cut the letters out; and then covered the back with two sided tape.  I then stuck them on the wall; masked off my border; and painted black over them.  Once the painting was done; I peeled the letters off the wall revealing the original wall color underneath.

Here's the bathroom and the closet door in the bedroom, which you can see down the hall.  Love that!

We built shelves to replace the pull out wooden hampers.  I might be able to live with that sink color after seeing how the baskets and matted pictures tie the color in.

We decided to put Michael's desk in the kitchen and frame in the kitchen widow with the hutch.  This will allow him to read and study without staring at a wall and also made better utilization of space.  Since we were creating a breakfast bar; we decided we would not need a kitchen table and could simply use the breakfast bar for eating meals.

Glass Top Breakfast Bar - That's a story for another time!...and, Michael's Desk Hutch
Bottom Line - Things are finally coming together and we should be able to move our boxed stuff in and start unpacking.  There are still a few projects that need to be completed; but most can be accomplished after we are living there.

Here's the living room with most of our furniture in. 

Now to the actual move!  Boxes, unpacking, organizing, arranging, etc.!  I will post again after everything is unpacked and arranged.