March 31, 2009

Are we such cowards?

Those ghastly corpses might well have affrighted Rizpah!

"Then Rizpah, the mother of two of the men, spread sackcloth on a rock and stayed there the entire harvest season. She prevented vultures from tearing at their bodies during the day, and stopped wild animals from eating them at night." 2 Samuel 21:10

Isn't that how we should guard the true Gospel of Christ--at any cost to us personally?

"If the love of a woman to her slain sons, could make her prolong her mournful vigil for so long a period--shall we be weary of considering the sufferings of our blessed Lord? She drove away the vultures--and shall not we chase away those worldly and sinful thoughts which defile our minds? Away, you evil birds! Leave the sacrifice alone! Rizpah bore the scorching heat of summer, the night dews and the rains, unsheltered and alone. Sleep was chased from her weeping eyes--for her heart was too full for slumber. Behold how she loved her children! Shall Rizpah thus endure--and shall we give up at the first little inconvenience or trial?

Are we such cowards--that we cannot bear to suffer with our Lord? She even chased away the wild beasts, with courage unusual in her gender--and will not we be ready to encounter every foe for Jesus' sake?Her children were slain by other hands than hers--and yet she wept and watched. What ought we to do--who by our sins, have crucified our Lord! Our obligations are boundless, our love should be fervent, and our repentance thorough! Those ghastly corpses might well have affrighted Rizpah! But in our Lord, at whose cross-foot we are sitting, there is nothing revolting--but everything attractive! Never was living beauty so enchanting, as a dying Savior!

To abide by His cross--will be our solace."

C.H Spurgeon

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Donna said...

Now that was full of the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

We sometimes fight for things that don't matter. For things that are temporal and don't bring Life, we hold on with all our might but for the things that matter, really matter, like the Truth of God's Kingdom. (that which brings Hope, Love and Eternal Life)..we sometimes doubt and therefore give up on Him.

We need to live our lives in expectation of Him, not in doubt which most likely is the reason we let go and let the crows and vultures take our seed of hope away.

I love what God showed you in this verse. beautiful and straight from the Kingdom it.

"Let it be on earth as it is in Heaven"