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So, you think you like Spurgeon?

The times—they be a changing!

Many are familiar with the ECT Accord (Evangelicals and Catholics Together) that was drafted and signed by Rome and by several well known evangelicals, such as, Chuck Colson and J.I. Packard. This document raised quite a stir in the Evangelical Community. If you have never heard about it; “google” it and learn.

We live in a time that has (for the most part) forgotten the “Reformation” and we are willing and ready to compromise the “Truth” because of ignorance of the “Truth”. We then convince ourselves that we are doing so in love.

The same people who have this (in their perception) loving attitude; may be shocked to read this excerpt for one of Charles Haddeon Spurgeon’s sermons preached on the following text. You may actually think Spurgeon was a “Hate-Monger” after reading this. But, that is simply because you have been indoctrinated into the “World’s” idea of love—not God’s. He preached this because he loved people, God, and the Truth. He loved Christ and the Gospel and (out of love) spoke the truth:

"For the Lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God."—Exodus 34:14.

Brethren, the whole history of the human race is a record of the wars of the Lord against idolatry. The right hand of the Lord hath dashed in pieces the enemy and cast the ancient idols to the ground. Behold the heaps of Nineveh! Search for the desolations of Babylon! Look upon the broken temples of Greece! See the ruins of Pagan Rome! Journey where you will, you behold the dilapidated temples of the gods and the ruined empires of their foolish votaries. The moles and the bats have covered with forgetfulness the once famous deities of Chaldea and Assyria. The Lord hath made bare his arm and eased him of his adversaries, for Jehovah, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

With what indignation, then, must the Lord look down upon that apostate harlot, called the Romish Church, when, in all her sanctuaries, there are pictures and images, relics and slivines, and poor infatuated beings are even taught to bow before a piece of bread. In this country, Popish idolatry is not so barefaced and naked as it is in other lands; but I have seen it, and my soul has been moved with indignation like that of Paul on Mars' Hill, when he saw the city wholly to idolatry; I have seen thousands adore the wafer, hundreds bow before the image of the Virgin, scores at prayer before a crucifix, and companies of men and women adoring a rotten bone or a rusty nail, because said to be the relic of a saint.

It is vain for the Romanist to assert that he worships not the things themselves, but only the Lord through them, for this the second commandment expressly forbids, and it is upon this point that the Lord calls himself a jealous God. How full is that cup which Babylon must drink; the day is hastening when the Lord shall avenge himself upon her, because her iniquities have reached unto heaven, and she hath blasphemously exalted her Pope into the throne of the Most High, and thrust her priests into the office of the Lamb. Purge yourselves, purge yourselves of this leaven. I charge you before God, the Judge of quick and dead, if ye would not be partakers of her plagues, come out from her more and more, and let your protest be increasingly vehement against this which exalteth itself above all that is called God. Let our Protestant Churches, which have too great a savor of Popery in them, cleanse themselves of her fornications, lest the Lord visit them with fire and pour the plagues of Babylon upon them.

Renounce, my brethren, every ceremony which has not Scripture for its warrant, and every doctrine which is not established by the plain testimony of the Word of God. Let us, above all, never by any sign, or word, or deed, have any complicity with this communion of devils, this gathering together of the sons of Behal: and since our God is a jealous God, let us not provoke him by any affinity, gentleness, fellowship, or amity with this Mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth.

Reader: I don’t really care about your comments unless you actually know the gospel that Rome teaches contained in their very own Catechism and unless you are familiar of the content of the ECT document. I am posting this so that you will study these things and then form an educated opinion. I am not interested in your uneducated comments. Do the work of studying or keep your comments to yourself. I can hear it now, “Such unloving words”.


twofinches said…
Well...this was brave!

As the daughter of a charasmatic, evangelical pastor and a life long protestant, you would think I would share whole heartedly the words of Spurgeon. But in the past few years I have seen the rock solid consistency of the Catholic church amid the culurally driven tendancies of my own branch of Christianity. Every once in awhile my husband (a lapsed Catholic) gets a longing for mass. We go to the solemn mass. The gregorian chant, the incense and the adoration do not bother me at all. In fact I see a depth of respect lacking in my own church. I cannot share quite the same convictions as Spurgeon on this one...but I know what he is trying to say.
TruthMatters said…
I am a little surprised that you would comment after my closing paragraph.

I was sincere, when I said, " I don’t really care about your comments unless you actually know the gospel that Rome teaches contained in their very own Catechism and unless you are familiar with the content of the ECT document. I am posting this so that you will study these things and then form an educated opinion."

Am I to understand that you have actually studied the Gospel according to Rome?

I am not wanting to be harsh or unkind; but, very curious as to why you commented after that closing stipulation?

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