March 21, 2009

"TEXTing" a decision for Christ.

From "Alter Calls" to "Text Messaging". Yes, you read that right. At the Winter Jam 2009 at Rupp Arena, those in attendance where actually instructed to use their cell phones to text message a decision for Christ. Here is an excerpt from the Review:

Winter Jam, which made its second visit to Rupp in as many years is presented by New Song, who opened the evening after Dove Award nominee Francesca Battistelli, with a few of their hits, including Arise My Love. Hawk Nelson made an early appearance with a hyped up set that topped the first half of music.

Then evangelist Tony Nolan took the stage to deliver a message and a high-tech take on the invitation for people to commit to the Christian faith. No walking forward to Just As I Am, Without One Plea here. Winter Jam goers were told to text “Tony” to 38714, and they would receive a text with more information about where to go for information. Winter Jam organizers estimated 2,500 people responded to that invitation Saturday night.

Then, it was back to music, with The Afters burning through several of their hits, including Beautiful Love and MySpace Girl. Finally, Toby came on for a quick exhausting set that, after a shower of confetti, sent everyone home in plenty of time to get some sleep before church — even with this being spring forward weekend.

I can hear it now: "Do you know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?" "Oh, ya man, I texted a decision for Christ at a concert." "Well then, you're saved. Once saved always saved and don't let anyone make you doubt your salvation experience".

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