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Just Spend One Day...

Just spend one day with the Risen Savior. Actually picture Him with you everywhere you go, hearing everything you say, seeing everything you do. With Him in the car with you on the way to work when that car cuts in front of you on the freeway; with Him at the office sitting right next to you and following you everywhere and listening to every word that proceeds from your mouth; with Him sitting right next to you at your computer at night. Just spend one day actually aware that Christ is with you seeing and hearing every move that you make and every thing that you utter.

Walk with Him by your side, talk to Him, ask Him for help and advice. Make yourself acknowledge His presence throughout your entire day.

Now, ask yourself these questions: Does that sound attractive to you? Do you actually want Him with you all day long--following you around throughout your entire day? Or, would you feel stifled? Would you want to shake Him off for awhile? Would He become a burden to you?


Mel said…
Happy Greetings!

I haven't been able to sit at the computer and do much of anything these days, except work. So I've been printing off the posts I want to read, yours and Fred's. I haven't actually read them all yet, but the ones I have I've enjoyed very much, and I know that God is working those precious truths into the core of who I am. I'm very much looking forward to catching up on the rest of them, too.

In regards to this post, I do have a constant sense of Christ's presence beside me, and if He were there in flesh and blood, it wouldn't be the slightest hindrance to my day - it would be an inexpressable joy and delight beyond words! :)
twofinches said…
I greatly enjoyed the reminder to think of Christ as really and truly beside a flesh and blood kind of way. I am a person who tries to practice the presence of Christ and I will frequently speak out loud to Him as I go about my business. But I will take your post to heart, pass it on to my two sone, who I homeschool, and see what the experiment does to them! I am blessed to have found your blog...we can be as iron sharpening iron!
TruthMatters said…

Thank you for your encouraging comment. Please let me know how your sons respond to the challenge.

Years ago I got several friends to wear wide arm bands for a day that simply said, in big letters "I am a Follower of Christ" and underneath that "Ask me about it". It was a wonderfully eye-opening experience, mostly for the wearers!

I will have to post about that experience in the near future. The bottom line was it made us all more sensitive that we do nothing to bring shame or dishonor to His name (like our reaction when standing in line at the grocery store and having someone cut in front of us).

Blessings to you,
D.L. Kane
twofinches said…
I love that arm band idea! I may borrow it to use with a class I teach at my homeschool coop. We are learning about the persecution of Christians worldwide and this coming week I was going to introduce the fact that many US Christians suffer no persecution because we melt into the pot. If we wore our faith on our sleeve, as they do in India and Pakistan and China, we would soon see how society has come to view true followers of Christ. Having the class wear an identifying badge would be interesting indeed.
TruthMatters said…
Perhaps I need not say this; but I will anyway. First, I am thrilled with the idea and think it would be a very eye opening experience for the children. Second, my heart is most concerned that you also explain to them the incrediable honor and priviledge of wearing His name and that when we do we must desire to represent Him as He is. We are His ambassadors and we should have great concern that we do nothing to bring Him dishonor and/or shame.

To wear His name and yet show a boisterous, proud spirit; lacking humility and love in your heart for the lost, confused, and angry people they may encounter, would be counter productive in terms of bringing Him glory through this experiment.

So, again, I may not have to say this; but, it is so heavy on my heart. How we represent Him is as important as our own salvation.
TruthMatters said…

I laughing as I recall someone saying; "It's really easy to feel as though you are being persecuted when you show anger and self-righteousness towards them while sharing Christ. What does one expect the result will be, if we poke someone in the eye with our loveless, prideful attitude?"

Christ's harshest words were to the "religious" not to the blind, lost sinners.

Oh yes, wearing His name is a very precious honor and not to be taken lightly. We are not members of a club who have a ticket to heaven. We are His ambassadors and are to be salt and light.

Thank you for your Christian fellowship.
twofinches said…
I fully understand why you felt you needed to say this! I feel such an extreme weight of responsibility even when I wear my favorite button "Son Worshipper" ! My class is made up if 6 VERY serious girls, ages 13 to 15 and I know that if I asked them to do this for a day they would honor that deeply.

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