March 18, 2014

Another 10 Hours at the house...

Michael and I arrived bright and early Tuesday morning, after spending 4 hours the previous night.  (I forgot to mention, I am taking every Tuesday and Friday off to work on the house.)

We had decided that today would be:  1) finish the living room floor, and 2) finish painting the bedroom.

I decided to totally change up the border on the hand painted sub-flooring and spent 3 hours, masking taping the new design while Michael removed all the drawers and doors from the built-in's in the bedroom and discovered that he also needed to clean the cubby holes from where the drawers had come---50 years of dust and dirt.  Yikes.

New Border Design - I will post the finished floor on Friday !
I was able to polyurethane the finished floor tonight and will post pictures after it has dried.  We love how it came out.  Really vintage looking.  In fact, we are tempted to tell people that "this is what we found when we pulled up the carpet".

The innards!  Look at that gorgeous hard wood paneling!  

Bedroom Built-in's - Hardware removed - cleaned, sanded and ready for a new coat of paint.
We are pretty much crippled tonight.  Wish I had more energy.  I would have slept in a sleeping bag and worked a few hours before going into the office tomorrow morning.

Things are finally coming along and I am feeling a glimmer of hope that we will actually be able to move in as originally planned.  But, aaahhh, the move!  We live in a second floor apartment.  Can you imagine.  Talk about a work-out.  The knees--I can feeling them screaming already!

Oh stop whining, Dianna!

P.S. Michael spent all day sanding all the old clumpy paint off the doors and drawers and then priming them.  So we didn't get the bedroom finished as we had planned.  Wish we could tolerate clumpy paint--it would make things so much easier; but, we can't - neither of us!

More on Friday Night!  The unveiling of the floor and a few more surprises.


(Ri)Charmed said...

Looking forward to seeing the floor!

Dianna Wood said...

Thanks for popping in and letting me know you were here. Just posted the finished floor!