March 25, 2014

Tuesday - A Rose, A Rainbow and the smell of Grout!

As many of you know who have been following our progress, I am taking every Tuesday and Friday off from work to get the house ready to move in.  Tuesday morning we would be moving the 7 foot tall solid oak bookcases over to the house, which meant that we had to spend 5 hours Monday night getting them ready to move.  They were screwed to studs in our bedroom, due to the fact that the bedroom was carpeted which is not a stable flooring for 7 foot book cases.  We also had to move them out into the living area and determine the best way to get them onto the landing and ultimately down the flight of narrow stairs in the morning.  We finally went to bed with these towers looming over us as we slept.

Deni and Yvonne (a lady that lives on Deni's block) arrived each with a truck and we actually managed to get the three bookcases down the stairs and onto the truck without incident.  We had previously loaded the table saw onto Deni's truck knowing we would need it to cut 4' x 8' paneling to set up the wall for the book cases.

The only injury that occurred was while loading the bookcases and making sure they were secure, Michael,  wedged a shelf in between the bed of the truck and the back of the bookcase.  He didn't realize that his index finder was lodged between the back of the book case and the shelf as he forcefully pushed down!  Michael lost a pretty good chunk of skin and blood was flowing.  Of course the bandages were packed in a box somewhere in the apartment, so we wrapped is bloody stump in a paper towel and packing tap and set on our way to the house.

After unloading the trucks, Deni stayed at the house washing windows; transplanting (what we think is a)  Paginas Amarillas, and cleaning up the work areas, while Michael and I made a trip to Home Depot, to purchase the paneling.

After preparing the area with an extra support 2 x 4 and cutting the paneling to size, we were able to get the book cases in place.

An oak desk with hutch will be added to the open area between the bookcases.
 My primary project was to finish the bathroom counter.  Did I mention that I love the smell of grout?  This stuff is like frosting.  I had so much fun!  I have no idea how it will actually hold up, but it looks way better than it did.  I might even be able to live with the crayola crayon "Flesh" colored sink   What was someone thinking?  Both the bathroom and kitchen sink and the tub are this hideous color.

The day was filled with dark clouds and it rained on and off - thankfully after we had moved the bookcases.  Later in the afternoon, while I was working in the bathroom, the sun came out.  As I walked past the living room sliding door, I noticed Michael outside with the camera.  It was a double full rainbow that spanned the entire horizon.  As I walked to the end of the carport, to get a fuller view.  This was what appeared.

A Double Rainbow lands on the Wood's New Secret Garden!  
    and if that wasn't enough, the strange dead vine in our little back yard has blooms growing out of (what would appear to be) dead branches.

 ...and the single red rose bud, has also bloomed into a beautiful, full and fragrant blossom...

Okay - turning in for the night.  So much more to get accomplished; but, I am feeling very encouraged by the events of the day.


Jenny Piirto said...

Clematis! They are a finicky plant. Some grow like trees, some not at all. They sprout from what appears to be dead wood, so many people cut them down by accident.

Dianna Wood said...

Thanks Jenny! Since we moved in it seems to be coming to life! Thanks for your comment. Anything with a sign of life we nurture! Nice to know what it is!