March 30, 2014


Thursday night we spent three hours visiting with Lori Eaton at Mercy San Juan, (a 82 year old friend that has attended Michael's Services at Atria for the past 2 years).  It was an unexpected change in our schedule; but, we were blessed to have been given the opportunity.  Michael sang and read passages from the Bible; Deni held her hand; and I rubbed her feet with lotion as she laid in bed.  They had given her a strong pain medication, so she was half-in and half-out of consciousness; but, she would occasionally open her eyes and acknowledge us.   The sweetest thing was to see her hand moving, as if leading a choir, while Michael sang her favorite song, "Holy, Holy, Holy."

While working on the house all day Friday, my day was filled with thoughts of Lori laying there in pain and suffering, and prayers for her peace and joy.   I knew that she loved Christ as her personal Lord and Savior and her prayer was to be with Him, not to stay here.

He answered her prayer yesterday.  We got a call that Lori had died Saturday at 10:30 am.  

Sorrow & Joy run together in a sweet stream of tears. Sorrow for our lose, and Joy because we shall meet again!

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