March 23, 2014

Twelve Hours in the Bathroom - or - Stopping to Smell the Roses

Michael and I arrived at the house bright and early on Saturday morning.  The plan was for me to prime and paint the dry rot repair area under the living room window and work on the bathroom.  The bathroom vanity back splash was painted apricot orange.  Michael was going to work on sealing the living room window with plexiglass in preparation for covering it with wall-to-wall oak book cases.

As I got to work, Michael grabbed the camera and disappeared.  Unbeknownst to me, he had noticed that the single rose bud, on our only rose bush in the garden, had little dew drops covering it and wanted to capture a picture.  He re-appeared after a few moments and started taking measurements and making preparations to seal the living room window.

Our First Rose!
   After Michael finished the preparation work, he went down to a family owned and operated, Plastics Shop, to purchase a piece of custom cut, Plexiglas and I proceeded to prime and paint the wall in the bathroom where we would be hanging our large framed mirror.  I got distracted by the skinny trim around the back splash, which had also been painted over with the apricot orange paint and decided to apply a bit of Jasco to it--I was so curious as to it's original appearance before it was covered with 2 or three layers of paint.  Well, guess what I discovered?   Gorgeous, shining chrome!   Just gotta love vintage!

The Original 1964 Chrome Trim - A discovery that set me back 6 hours!
Upon this discovery, I spent 4 hours removing every bit of the old paint from this trim and polished it up!  In between, I was running back and forth applying a second, third, and forth coat of primer to the new paneling that had been installed over the dry rot area.  The paneling had a finish on it that really did not want to be painted and I had no TSP at the house - so after 5 thin layers of primer, it finally gave into my perseverance and was covered.

Michael successfully finished the living room window project, and moved on to the bedroom.  He was cleaning each of the 17 drawers with Spic-and-Span and replacing the hardware.  After stripping the chrome trim, I moved on to the area where the contractors had removed the old Wedgewood Built in Oven.   Realizing that it would be quite sometime before we could afford a new oven, we knew we would have to do something, temporarily, to camouflage that giant hole!  We measured the area and brought over two black cubicle shelf units (that we had used at the apartment to store office supplies).  It turned out that they were the perfect dimensions and fit nicely after a bit of modification.  I had confiscated the Wedgewood Oven front plate and decided to clean it up and keep it as an art piece.  I was able to incorporate it into our new little storage area.  So, here is our new, temporary, non-oven, oven!

So much more to tell and so much more to do....we will keep you posted.

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