March 15, 2014

Why did it take 2 people 10 hours (working non-stop) to paint two rooms?

No fancy pictures on this update, just two very tired, 50 something, husband and wife.  We took off at 7:00 a.m. and headed to Lowe's to pick up another gallon of paint and a few other needed items for full day of painting.  We arrived at the house at approximately 9:00 am this morning because we met a young man named Jack on our trip to McDonald's for a couple egg McMuffins.  Jack was sitting near the doors and asked if we might be willing to buy him some breakfast.  Michael said, "Of course.  Come on in with us."

While standing in line, we discovered that Jack was 22 years old and had been on the street (on and off) since the age of 12.  His dad had committed suicide and his mom was a Heroin addict who lived in Reno.  Jack was also diagnosed with bi-polar and found that smoking pot helped keep him mellow and kept his manic swings in check.  He was actually a very bright young man and extremely polite.

We spent some time talking with him about Christ and he shared with us that he has no use for churches.  He mentioned several personal experiences where he had been turned away from many Christian churches when he had gone to them for help.  How sad is that?  But, not unusual.  Unfortunately, many churches are more like Christian clubs that have no clue how to deal with suffering, lost sinners.  Anyway, we had a delightful time sharing with Jack and told him to not make a judgment about Christ by those he encounters that wear His name and yet dishonor Him by their behavior.  Okay - now on to the days progress.

In my mind, I had pictured masking off the  living room and bedroom, painting both of those rooms, and moving on to the hallway, bathroom and kitchen.  Clearly, I am delusional!  It took us two hours to mask off the two rooms (a wood ceiling requires precise masking if you want a clean line).

The masking tape was not sticking to the trim!  It was as if the trim was wet--but; it wasn't.  It was clean; but, somehow there was moisture in the house--not a good sign.  We determined that it was because we had left all the windows opened and the evenings had been cool.  Who knows?  A dehumidifier is now on our list.

Up and down, up and down, we were on the ladder--me in the living room and Michael in the bedroom.  Then cut in the ceiling, the windows and the trim.  Then roll the walls only to discover after it had dried, that it all needed a second coat!  Really????

Up and down, up and down for another 4 hours and a second coat was applied.

The real blessing of the day was that our best friend, Deni, spent 6 hours weeding the entire yard--front, back, and sides, and finished it off by spraying all the rock areas with soil sterilizer and all the rocks in the flower bed with Roundup.

The next project is take out the drawers in all the built-in and clean behind them (50 years of crud) and then to paint the built in closet and drawers, and the vanity.  I am thinking of going with something like this on the closet doors - but that might have to wait until after we have finished all the "Normal" stuff.

Or maybe something like this:


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