March 20, 2014

Thursday Night Update!

With my new Tuesday and Friday off from my day job schedule (Thanks Sergeant) we are able to spend 4 or 5 hours each Monday and Thursday night at the house.

Well this was our Thursday night.  I had finished re-doing the border on the hand painted plywood sub-flooring and polyurethaned it last Tuesday night.  Here are a few shots of our new faux antique hardwood living room floor.  Although this only cost approximately $40 in supplies, it took 3 days of 10 or more hours a day of back breaking, knee destroying labor from start to finish and that is not counting the ripping out of the carpet and padding and removing the tack stripes and all the staples from the padding.

A Close-up!

A Fuller view - Notice the "Love" Painted on the right side wall panel!
We are really, really pleased with or faux painted sub-flooring.  It could use another coat of polyurethane - but that means sanding, cleaning, coating and waiting another 20 hours to walk on it.  That might have to wait.  After all, most of it will be covered with furniture.

When we arrived we did our walk around the yard and discovered that one of the plants in the flower bed had bloomed.  We have a feeling that the previous owner planted some wonderful heirloom plants.  (see previous posts).  Here was our first spring blossom!

Tonight was an exciting night.  We got the bedroom drawers painted; I was able to remove the built in "dirty clothes hampers from the lower area of the bathroom built in closets.  All I have to say is, "People who paint over hardware should be shot!"  The hinges were coated with two layers of paint so that you couldn't tell if the screws were Phillips heads or regular.  Just getting the hardware off took and hour.

Another full day project of cleaning 50 years of grossness hidden behind those built in clothes hampers, building shelves, priming and painting! 

Then at around 8:30 p.m., we hear a motorcycle stopping in front of the house.  I pull open the sliding door and some guy in a helmet and leather jacket says, "Hi Dianna!"   It turns out is was Don our contractor who is going to install our new range top, fix the dry rot in the front window, and several other "out of our league" home improvements.  Since he couldn't reach us at the apartment, he thought he would swing by to finalize tomorrows plans!   I was so excited!  We need that dry rot fixed and the water heater installed to be able to finish the living room and start moving some of our furniture in!  What a blessing to see him and to know that work will be done tomorrow!

Well - it's 10:45 pm on Thursday and we have a full day tomorrow.  Crawling in bed for the night......


Heather said...

Your new home is precious! Congrats! :)

Dianna Wood said...

Thanks Heather! So Sweet of you to let me know you were here!