December 30, 2008

Full Purpose of Heart

"If we satisfy ourselves in mere notions and speculations about the glory of Christ as doctrinally revealed unto us, we shall find no transforming power or efficacy communicated to us thereby.

But when, under the conduct of that spiritual light, our affections do cleave unto Him with full purpose of heart, our minds are filled with the thoughts of Him and delight in Him, and faith is kept up unto its constant exercise in trust and affiance on Him - virtue will proceed from Him to purify our hearts, increase our holiness, strengthen our graces, and to fill us sometimes ‘with joy unspeakable and full of glory.’

This is the just temperature of a state of spiritual health - namely, when our light of the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ doth answer the means of it which we enjoy, and our affections unto Christ do hold proportion unto that light; and this according unto the various degrees of it - for some have more, and some have less.

Where light leaves the affections behind, it ends in formality or atheism; and where affections outrun light, they sink in the bog of superstition, doting on images and pictures, or the like."

John Owen

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FCB said...

This is a great quote, by a great author, although I often have difficulty just reading through the contents!
It reminds me a little of this thought - Warm emotions without knowledge can rise no higher than superstition and knowledge which does not influence the heart and emotions wiil only make a hypocrite.
God bless,