December 13, 2008

Self, Self. Self, Self, Self, Self, Self...

I spent a good portion of the day reading the treatise below. It is not "light" reading by any sense of the word; but, wonderfully profitable For those not familiar with the "Puritans" it might open up a whole new beautiful world for you.

by Thomas Manton D.D.

1. The Extent of Self-denial
2. The Reasons for Self-denial
3. Notes and Signs of Self-denial
4. Means of Self-denial
5. God the First Cause - Denying Self-dependence
6. God the Highest Lord - Denying Self-will
7. God the Chiefest Good - Denying Self-love
8. God the Last End - Denying Self-seeking

Thought I'd pass it along. If the links above don't work, click here

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