December 17, 2008

I needed encouragement....

"I would encourage people to find their fundamental identity and satisfaction and joy in the experience of seeing and knowing and tasting and savoring the all-sufficiency and breath-taking beauty of God as he has made himself known in Jesus Christ. If, in the course and along the way of that pursuit, you encounter a spectacular manifestation of God’s power, wonderful. If not, it’s still wonderful." - Sam Storms

"Serious Bible study brings many benefits and blessings. The Word of God gives us a perspective that we do not hear around us in today’s world. Through the blessing of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God helps us understand ourselves. It provides security and stability. It enlightens our knowledge of God. It enflames our affections and renews our hope. It gives directions for our walk. It comforts us when afflicted. It goads us out of our complacency. It answers many of our questions. It reminds us that we live in a passing world and unveils to us a coming world. It sheds light upon our path.

Many have expressed regret for not spending more time in the Word; I’ve never heard anyone express regret for spending too much time in the Word."

Author Unknown

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Mel said...

Glory Hallelujah! :)

I love to read all kinds of literature, but nothing compares to the Word of God! I have to say, though, that God used many other forms of writing to stoke my appetite for His Word first, and now that He has, I'm insatiable. :)