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Okay - I admit it- I'm confused!

Let us talk about the "unregenerate" man--Those who are spiritually blind; those who God has not done a work of grace in their hearts; those who are still in darkness and do not know the light of the glory of God in the face of Christ; those who are operating purely in the "old nature" and have not been "born again". Perhaps some of my readers might shed some light on this subject. Here is what I am struggling with, of late:

Among the "unregenerate":

1) What makes some men "givers" instead of "takers"?

2) What makes some men capable of using and defiling as many women as they possibly can--while others have too much respect for the dignity of a women's body and heart not capable of using them to gratify their own sexual needs?

3) What makes one man desire to help an old woman across the street; while another man sits in his car irritated that the old woman is taking too much time to cross the street; thus making him late to his important meeting?

4) What makes one man desire to visit strip clubs and another man have no desire for such entertainment?

5) What makes one man a man of virtue, honor and integrity; while another man will do whatever necessary to achieve his own personal goals?

6) What makes one man get a thrill out of hunting down and shooting a grizzly bear; and another man finding it difficult to squash a bug?

I hope this makes sense to my readers. I am trying to understand how "the fall" has affected us and why there is such a disparity of "sinfulness vs. "Christ likeness" among (even) the unregenerate.


Michael said…
Speaking of the unregenerate man ; of those that are spiritually blind . THERE IS AN OLD SAYING , (It takes one , to know one ; it is also true that if you have been one , then you know one when you see one), THEREFORE , IF A MAN WHO WAS BORN BLIND , HAS BEEN MADE TO SEE ; HE IS ENABLED TO SEE THE DEPTHS OF THE DARKNESS THAT HAD BLINDED HIS SOUL : Among the " unregenerate " : 1) There are no 'real' givers , only those who appear to give , as they maticuously and methodically give on a temporal level in order to take that which is of temporal value to them . It is the heart of the pharisee that gives that he may be seen and praised of men , and therein , he receives his reward . He is the one , that thanks GOD that he is not like other men , exalting himself by good words and good deeds in the temporal realm , while at the same time he is driven by that spirit of darkness in the spiritual realm , having Satan himself as his father ; whose crown of pride , whose glorious beauty is a fading flower and has been trodden under foot at the cross of Christ , and shall be totally exposed at the Judgement Seat of Christ .
Denise said…
Perhaps it all stems for a desire to please and glorify; whether it be ourselfves, others, or God.

Our pleasure, our glory, our recognition or HIS.
Anonymous said…
It seems to me that what the author is trying to understand is why are some unregenerate men more genuinely tender hearted towards others without the benefit of the indwelling Spirit of God.

This has nothing to do with them being acceptable to God because of this trait within them. It is an interesting question.

Why some young boys naturally enjoy throwing rocks at birds with the hope of hitting one in the head, while another little boy feels compassion for the bird and would never dream of hurting it.

I think this is what the author is trying to understand. Both little boys may later be reconciled to God through Christ, but the one little boy seems to have been given more of a "christ-likeness" before regeneration.

Very interesting thoughts to ponder. Thank you for this post.
TruthMatters said…
A reader sent me this comment via email and I felt it was wonderfully insightful.(I have edited it slightly - but the essense remains the same). He said:

"Perhaps this is not all black and white. There may be other options . For instance , what if there was a third little boy , who thought nothing of throwing a rock to kill a little bird , but upon doing so , his heart was so smitten that he was compelled to build the greatest bird sanctuary ever known to man for the glory of God."
FCB said…
I think in most cases the answer to this question, in brevity, is -

All cultures have morals, not just Christians, these morals are generally for the benefit of the whole, which ultimately is selfish, but logical.
Within our culture the actions you described are considered shameful, although as our culture is more and more colored with Hollywood morals, and all that goes with it, we see our culture deteriorating. This of couse lies at the door of Christians, but society as a whole as well.
I think that Michael's conclusion that there are no givers outside of Christianity is not altogether true. (With all respect Michael, I enjoyed and agreed with most of your comment) God designed man to find joy in giving, believer or not, it is a common grace. Mothers of course, help nurture these virtues in all homes. Fathers as well, but I wouldn't call it there strongest suit. If you look back a few generations you will find in the books and writings of those generations, much attention to the training of children. I'm afraid much of that has been lost, in and outside the church. We are, after all, much too busy to read with our children.
That's my take on it in short form.
God bless,
TruthMatters said…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. After pondering my original “confusion” I realized that I probably created more confusion because I did not clearly articulate my “wonder”.

I was speaking more of a “natural bent” as opposed to a “learned morality”. I believe that we are given a “natural bent” the moment we are created in the womb and that we are not blank slats at birth. I was trying to understand God’s purpose in creating some with a more tender-heart then others. This would have nothing to do with the work of sanctification which transforms a person’s heart or the influence of nurture or culture.

I am sure many would disagree with my position. However, I am thankful that He does give some common grace apart from saving grace or this world would truly be Hell on earth. It is all of God and for His glory regardless of whether I understand it are not.

Happy New Year to you and your family and may God richly bless you in the coming year.

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