December 6, 2008

No man can steal it from you...

How sweetly the Spirit has taught us! Have you not often been surprised and overcome with delight as Holy Scripture has opened up, as if the gates of the golden city had been set back for you to enter?

I am sure that you did not then gather your knowledge from men, because it was all fresh to you as you sat alone with no book before you but the Bible, and yourself receptive, scarcely thinking out matters, but drinking them in as the Lord brought them to you. A few minutes silent openness of soul before the Lord has brought us in more treasure of truth than hours of learned research.

The truth is something like those stalactite caverns and grottoes of which we have heard, which you must enter and see for yourself if you would really know their wonders. If you should venture there without light or guide, you would run great risks; but with blazing flambeaux, and an instructed leader, your entrance is full of interest. Your guide has taken you through a narrow winding passage, where you have to creep, or go on bended knees! At last he has brought you out into a magnificent hall; and when the torches are held aloft, the far-off roof sparkles and flashes back the light as from countless jewels of every hue! As you stand in that vast pillared and jewelled palace, you feel how much you owe to your guide, and to his flaming torch.

Thus the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth, and sheds light on the eternal and the mysterious. This he does, in certain cases, very personally. Then he fills us with complete forgetfulness of all our immediate surroundings, and we commune only with the truth. Have you never felt a holy absorption in the truth while the Spirit has filled you with its glorious vision?

It has been so with many of the saints while taught of God. They are not likely to give up to popular clamor what they have thus received.

C.H. Spurgeon

Oh Heavenly Father, give us a hunger for your Word. Have us turn off the TV and crawl in bed with You. Give us a deep desire and delightful anticipation for what You might show us tonight. Excite our hearts as if we received a letter or an email from a long lost friend and can hardly wait to open it. Show us yourself; show us ourselves; and show us our Savior; and, make the book live to us--and we will praise you in the precious name of your son and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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Mel said...

That prayer is the cry of my heart... it weeps and leaps with joy as I join you in praying it for each of us, and for everyone we know...